Eating and Traveling

  • Traveling and food is a perfect match.
  • Traveling is what we love to do and we want to share a taste of our experiences. We have spent a lot of time traveling domestically and internationally and while each of us has our own style of travel, we both have a common love for really tasty food.

  • While traveling we have often found ourselves in strange and exotic places where we don't speak the language and only have a rudimentary understanding of the culture. However, we've found that one simple question closes the language gap "what is your favorite local dish?"
  • This simple phrase, is almost always greeted with a warm smile and instant friendship. Food is really is a common language. Every culture takes a certain pride in its local food and by ordering and eating that dish you will often find that you have a new friend.
  • Everyone likes to, and should, eat in nice restaurants with great reputations. However, some of the best food in the world can be found at the street level. We have tried to single out the restaurants in Chinatown that best represents favorite local dishes.

Why a food tour in Hawaii?

  • Tours in Hawaii aren't generally geared toward showcasing local flavor.
  • Hawaii is a wonderfully diverse place. Set at the crossroads of the Pacific Ocean, it is truly a melting pot of cultures and their foods. There are so many different types of dishes in Hawaii that it is next to impossible to taste a fraction of those dishes during you visit. We have tried to single out some of the "don't miss" dishes.
  • We encourage you to take trips to places like the Polynesian Cultural Center and enjoy plenty of time sitting on the beach and playing in the ocean. But we also challenge you to go into uncharted tourist territory and explore Hawaii at the local level. Get to know Hawaii by walking the streets, and eating the foods that locals eat. We think that you will be surprised and delighted.
  • Eating in a tourist destination can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be.
  • We encourage you to go to some the highly respected restaurants in Hawaii while you are visiting. There are a lot of chefs in Hawaii doing wonderful things with the local cuisine, you will certainly have a wonderful culinary experience.
  • However, we want to show you that great local cuisine doesn't have to break the bank. We have strived to create a tour that showcases wonderful local dishes that are both fresh and flavorful and costs less than a value meal from a fast food restaurant. We hope that you will come walk with us early in your vacation so you have the time to try other variations of the foods you try with us.

Why choose this tour?

We have designed this tour to stand out from other tours.

Having taken a number of walking tours in Hawaii, domestically, and internationally we have learned a number of different things.


First, you can't have a walking tour without sampling a lot of different foods.

Second, food helps to understand the history of what is around you and the history helps to understand the food. No boring lectures, instead we do our best present the information in a way that is both informative and fun. We encourage people to participate and ask questions.


We want to encourage people to think globally and shop locally.


Think globally, buy locally is one of our core philosophies, It guides how we travel and has been fundamental in shaping our tour of Honolulu's Chinatown. Like any travel destination, Hawaii's economy is partially dependant on money that visitors inject into the local economy. Unfortunately, under the current system much of that money finds its way into the hands of a few large corporations. We believe that both visitors and local merchants are better served with direct interaction. The cultural exchange is more genuine and and merchants are able to compete with their global competitors.